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Proven Project Construction District Heating

Simply put, “ the supply of heat or hot water from one source to a district or a group of buildings


The source supplying the heat or hot water is from a plant generating heat from fossil fuels, biomass, heat only boiler stations, geothermal heating, heat pumps, solar heating, nuclear power but a combined heat and power plant has one of the lowest carbon footprints of all fossil generation plants.


The infrastructure taking the heat or hot water is to the buildings is comprised of a network of insulated pipes consisting of a feed and return pipe.


The connection to customer buildings is via heat exchangers to the central heating system.


For the consumer


• Small space requirement and safe operation;


• Easy to control and operate;


• Affordable cost and long term price stability;


• DE systems can also help address fuel poverty and give peace of mind to vulnerable populations by:


ensuring the efficient management of heat provision;


providing more stable prices;


offering lower prices. District energy  schemes can offer lower costs than microrenewables in achieving

low or zero carbon energy~ supply.

• Resilient design to provide secure heat;


• Modern DH schemes are metered, consumers therefore only pay for what they individually consume.

The benefits of a district heating network

For the developer


• Lower cost solutions: a heat network may provide a lower cost method of achieving carbon targets

than the equivalent deployment of microrenewables;


• District Heating energy networks can be be set up as an attractive ESCo offering, adding developing value

or removing the developers need for long term engagement in the project.

The environment


• Flexibility for fuel changes, possibility to optimise fuel mix;


• Lower CO2 emissions;


• Potential for low carbon economy;

• District Energy, together with Combined Heat and Power, is the most energy efficient way of providing heat

to buildings.

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